Saudi Security Company

Saudi Security Company

Saudi Security Company is honored to represent its security services for all fields & activates including commercial, industrial, service and maintains all the moral and material assets. Saudi Security Company initiated its work since 2014 and is one of First Star group companies, specializes in providing security & safety services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to insights and visions of the future strategic security industry to our customers from partnership’s perspective.

Our goal is to provide security services at the highest level of professionalism, discipline and maintaining customer satisfaction and maintaining the security and safety of the facility and its Properties and its Individuals and organizing the entry & exit for 365 days 24 hours. Our policy is to recruit trained, high qualified staff in the security field, combining all the managerial and technical means to get the excellent services. Saudi Security Company hired trained staffs at the highest level and under the supervision of Former military & Police leaders who are specialized in security field.

Scan, planning and security services

Before the initial of the security services we will provide comprehensive technical scan of the site with officials from you side to identify and analyze checkpoints and systems then the operation team sets security plan and determine the following:

  1. Plan to secure the site and alternative plans.
  2. Determine strength & weakness points.
  3. The number, type (males or females) and locations of security guards.
  4. The number and types of vehicular patrol.
  5. Critical points need special attention.
  6. Security instructions related to (visitors – cleaners – staff – Etc).
  7. Instructions for firefighting (smoke detection equipments – extinguishers -locations – validity).
  8. Instructions for alarms (types – equipments – validity – locations).
  9. Keys Plan.
  10. Emergency instructions and steps that must be followed in each case (robbery – threat of the presence of explosives – abusers – elevator errors).

Safety & Environment Management

  1. Recommend and ensure adherence to policies and procedures to incidents and emergency situations.
  2. Maintain healthy environment that encourage individuals to practice their daily duties.

Specifications of security guards working at SSC

  1. Suitable appearance in terms of length, look and fitness.
  2. College, high school graduated or retired from the military sectors.
  3. English language speakers (If required).
  4. Wearing the official uniform.
  5. Trained for deferent kinds of instructions & procedures.
  6. Have experience in the field of security.
  7. Saudis and ages from 20 to 40 years old.
  8. Hired through official interview, documents and criminal record.
  9. Equipped with security tools as per location, circumstances and customer’s requests.


Appearance & uniform

SSC allows clients to choose from varies uniforms that is appropriate for the client’s work nature and his preferences.

Tools & Devices

  1. Center operations room with 24/7 supervision and control over all sites, as well as directing the supervisors and guards.
  2. Wireless Telecommunication devices (Bravo & mobile phone).
  3. Security patrol car to make sure the safety situation inside and outside the facility (if required).
  4. Alarms alert in case of any problem with the site.
  5. Self-defense baton and flash light.
  6. Mirror Vehicle inspection (if required).
  7. Weapons and explosives Detection devices (if required).

Supervision & control

Tasks of supervision is no less important than the work of the security itself, the supervision is carried out by operation team and supervisors as well as by repeated and unexpected visits to sites and also by control of the centralized operating room 24/7.


Duties towards the client

Continuously provided security service:

SSC is committed to provide security services to customers 24/7 including (holidays – week-end – sick leave – absences) for all kinds of building and constructions.

Record incidents:

The security guard immediately registers in prepared incidents book, report our center operation room and our customer.

Follow up daily reports about facts and events about any matters related to the site or the client

Security guard replacement:

Immediately replace the guard in case of customer request.

Report of important information:

SSC shall notify immediately the customer as any information discovered by our security team during their duty which may affect the safety and security of the site or its operations.

Usage of modern devices:

SSC is using modern security techniques as needed.

Vehicle inspection:

Inspecting cars at check points to insure it’s safe and free from explosives & illegal materials.

Continuous control & supervision:

Connection with site by our centralized operation room in addition to the repeated visits to site.



It is our policy to maintain the high-level performance of guards & supervisors. We are therefore prepared and hold courses in the field of security depending on the nature of each site before the initial at site in addition to continuously courses regarding his duties, patrols with observation, instructions, responses, training on devices, reporting, fire extinguishers, evacuation plan, emergencies and customer service skills.


Our Projects

  1. Lincoln Al Qatif college – girls
  2. Lincoln AlTaif college – boys
  3. Lincoln AlAflaj college – Girls
  4. Lincoln AlAflaj college – Boys
  5. AlAflaj college accommodation – Ladies
  6. AlAflaj college accommodation – Men
  7. Layaly Compound – AlRiyadh
  8. Suisse Bank – AlRiyadh
  9. Al Nakhla Tower – AlRiyadh